Top Temples and Religious Places in DehraDun

DehraDun has been blessed with many religious places and temples spread across the city. The people of DehraDun often visit these temples and religious places from time to time. 
People of DehraDun often go to 
Kalika Temple – A temple dedicated to Maa Durga in Machhi Bazaar DehraDun as it is in the centre of the city, 
Budha Temple – A temple dedicated to lord Budha on the outskirts of DehraDun close to ISBT, 
Balaji Dham – A temple dedicated to Hanumanji on Tuesdays and Saturdays on NH72,
Sai Darbar – A temple dedicated to Sai Baba on Rajpur Road in DehraDun,
Tapkeshwar Temple – A temple dedicated to Lord Shiva with strong historical roots to Drona Acharya and Ashwathama,
Shree Prakeshwar Temple – A temple dedicated to Lord Shiva on DehraDun Mussoorie highway.

Other than these temples and religious places, there are few meditation centres in DehraDun like Osho Bodhistava and Osho Resorts, where daily meditation happens.

Other temples in DehraDun which are missing in the list but worth the mention are – Chandarbani Temple, Santala Devi Temple, Hanuman Temple at Hanuman Chowk in DehraDun, Sai Temple on Tilak Road DehraDun and Radha Krishna Temple on Krishna Nagar Chowk in DehraDun.

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