Top riverside picnic spots in DehraDun for summers

DehraDun being a valley has hosts of river side picnic spots. People of DehraDun have a lot of picnic spots to go over the summer weekends to seek cool in hot summers. These picnic spots are also famous for reasons other than riverside eg religious.

The most visited riverside picnic spots in DehraDun are:
Sahastradhara – Sahastradhara is natural riverside picnic spot in DehraDun, famous for sulphur water springs.
Lachhiwala – Lachhiwala is a natural riverside picnic spot on DehraDun Haridwar Highway, located amid forest.
Robbers Cave – It is a natural riverside picnic spot having a small waterfall and caves.
Tapkeshwar Temple – Although this is a temple, but there is a river flowing besides the temple. People often come here. Usually the water levels are too low and water quality is very dirty. During the rainy season the water overflows in the river and it becomes dangerous to be here.

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