Top Ashrams and Meditation Centres in Rishikesh

Lots of tourists visit Rishikesh throught the year, for learning yoga and meditation. Rishikesh being close to holy river Ganga, is a blessed place for spiritual activities. Due to so much tourists, with spiritual focus, Rishikesh has a lot of meditation centres, where tourists can do meditations. There are Ashrams in Rishikesh of both types, with residential and non residential facilities. 

Lots of wise sages have their Ashrams built up close to river Ganga, since years, having impressed by tranquility near river Ganga. To name a few popular saints who have visited Rishikesh are Mahesh Yogi, Mooji, Osho and many others. Mahesh Yogi had an Ashram in Rishikesh, but it was later converted into Beatles Ashram, named after the popular music band with name Beatles, who being follower of Mahesh Yogi visited Rishikesh.

Osho has Ashram in Rishikesh with name GangaDham. The Ashram is located on the banks of River Ganga, where daily satsang (discourse) and meditation happens. From time to time, yoga teachers visit this Ashram for camps organized.

Sivananda has an Ashram in Rishikesh, close to Ram Jhula. Sivananada has also been one of the greatest sages in Indian history, a doctor by profession, later left his job and attained Samadhi in Rishikesh.

Geeta Bhawan and Parmarth Niketan are one of the popular names in Ashrams in Rishikesh. Both of these Ashrams are located close to Ram Jhula. 

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