Top picnic spots in DehraDun Rishikesh route

DehraDun to Rishikesh is hardly 45km route. The route is full of greenery and mountains. There are some picnic spots on DehraDun Rishikesh route, which one cannot miss. Here are some of them:

1.    Jolly Grant Airport: This is also called DehraDun airport, and is located 20km from Rishikesh and 29km from DehraDun. The nearest village near Jolly Grant airport is Doiwala, around 4km. As tourists go from DehraDun to Rishikesh, they can find the airport right on the highway. 
Jolly Grant Airport is well connected to both DehraDun and Rishikesh and taxis are available from Airport to either of the cities. However, tourists should avoid travelling late evening to Rishikesh due to elephants incursion on the highway.

2.    Lachhiwala or Nature Park: This is a natural spring picnic spot on DehraDun Rishikesh highway. Lachhiwala is commonly visited during summers and lot of local tourists come here to enjoy bath in natural water. Lachhiwala is located 23km from DehraDun and 25km from Rishikesh. Lachhiwala is located very close to Doiwala village and 8km from from DehraDun Airport.

3.    Laxman Sidhh Temple: Laxman Sidhh Temple is located 10km from DehraDun and 36km from Rishikesh. The temple is located amidst dense forest. Every Sunday, lot of local tourists visit Laxman Sidhh Temple and once a year a Laxman Sidhh Fair is also organized.

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