Cheap and Economic Options for night stay in DehraDun

DehraDun being the capital of Uttarakhand, lots of tourists visit DehraDun for short trips for one night stay. DehraDun not only has plethora of hotels for night stays, it also has multiple options for people looking for economical, low budget night stay in DehraDun.

Jain Dharamshala: Jain Dharamshala is located on Gandhi Road, near Prince Chowk, at a walking distance from DehraDun Railway Station. Jain Dharamshala is maintained by Jain Samaj of DehraDun and provides low cost accommodation for the tourists. Its recommended to carry the ID card before visiting the Dharamshala.

Aggarwal Dharamshala: Aggarwal Dharamshala is located near Prince Chowk at walking distance from DehraDun Railway Station. Aggarwal Dharamshala is maintained by Agarwal Samaj of DehraDun. This Dharamshala provides economic night stay option for tourists in DehraDun.

Both Jain Dharamashala and Aggarwal Dharamshala are located next to DehraDun Railway Station and Mussoorie Bus Stand. From Mussoorie Bus Stand, buses and Taxis are available for going to hill stations of Uttarakhand like Mussoorie, Dhanaulti etc.

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